Have you ever lost your phone? Or forgotten your Android tablet on the bus? If you have, then you know what a stressful experience that can be. On top of having to replace the device, you have to worry about someone finding all your personal information. Enter Seek Droid. It is designed to give you peace of mind by helping you track down your device if it gets lost or stolen.

Installation is easy. It installs itself as an administrator on the device, enabling you to manage your device remotely. Once you have installed Seek Droid, you can locate your device, remotely lock it, see all the recent calls since you misplaced it, and even wipe the device with little effort.
Simplicity of Design

Seek Droid is a very simple, yet functional app. The beauty of Seek Droid's design is that it takes up little room on your device. The bulk of the functionality comes from Seek Droid's website. From the website, you can locate your device on a map. You can also see the most recent phone calls made on the device, so you can check whether or not your device has been used to call Tasmania. But the best feature of the app is the Alarm feature. The alarm can send a message to the screen of your device telling the "new owner" that this device belongs to someone else. You also have the option of sending a loud and irritating alarm sound.
Battery Hogs Not Welcome

There are quite a few mobile security apps on the market, but what makes Seek Droid different is that doesn't keep scanning on your device. This means that the app isn't always running in the background, hogging your battery. It just does what you want it to: locate your missing device. Go check it out, you can't afford not to.

Note: to uninstall SeekDroid, go to Android Settings > Location & Security > Select Device Administrators and uncheck SeekDroid if it exists. Now navigate to Android Settings > Applications > Manage applications > All and click on SeekDroid > UninstallView product details at Amazon


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