Screebl Pro

Screebl Pro
Does your Android device seem to have a mind of its own when it comes to timing out and going blank? Here's the tool you need.

Screebl was created to do exactly one thing: keep your device's screen from locking (turning off) when you're using it. If you've set your screen timeout as low as it can go in the interest of conserving the battery, you know that the result is repetitive screen timeouts whenever you're doing something that doesn't involve touching the screen. Such everyday things as looking at or showing someone a picture, watching a Web page load over a slow connection, or reading a long email. You may have wound up raising the timeout back to a higher value.

Screebl is a background service that monitors the phone's orientation, and based on that orientation decides when to allow the phone's power-saving features to operate. With Screebl, you will never need to worry about the screen blanking again when you are using your phone. If you set your phone down, Screebl will allow the screen to lock. The net result is less power wasted.

"If you're looking for a great way to save battery life with your Android phone, Screebl is your answer. ... A great app idea and executed to perfection." - Best Android Apps ReviewView product details at Amazon


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